Not an Africa story….

OK, we left Nairobi on Sunday night, headed to home.

Little did we know that we were diverted to Bunjubura, Burundi to deliver a critical part for a Brussels airliner that hit an antelope either landing or taking off. So we left 2 hours late from NBO becase the incoming flight was delayed getting the part to be delivered to Burundi. Then there were all the people that had been stranded in Bunjubura , Burundi since Friday waiting to get to Brussels.

So we ended up missing all of our connections in Brussels, and are spending the night in Brussels, courtesy of Belgium Airlines. After getting checked into the Sheraton, we all had a nice afternoon walking around the city (broken up in different groups). The youngsters are headed back into the city for samples of Belgian beer and night life. We old timers are going to try the beer at the hotel and get 8+ hours of sleep.

About half of us are getting home via Toronto, arriving ORD about 15:15 via United on Tuesday afternoon.

The rest of us don’t arrive until 17:25 via Newark on American Airlines.

Sorry, don’t have pics of this…..

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