Kili Volunteers Learn about Mwangaza Center Programs

imageTDS Kili Climb volunteers (R-L) Mark Biernacki, Natalie Hoffman, and Tricia DeBoo, listen as one of the Mwangaza Center managers, Salome, explains programming to improve teacher education. John Kavishe, also a center manager, listens (left). The Mwangaza Center in Arusha is pioneering continuing education for Tanzanian teachers. TDS and UMABU are working with Mwangaza to develop collaborations that can include the teacher resource center in the Nyegina Library and Community Resource Center. The computer lab wing that will be built with the Kili Climb donations is an essential step to providing this programming. Thank you John and Salome for taking Saturday afternoon to brief the TDS volunteers about your wonderful work.

2 Responses to Kili Volunteers Learn about Mwangaza Center Programs

  1. My compliments on the compilation of research based teaching strategies in the Mwangaza Resource Book and for TDS and UMABU to recognize their importance. Teachers who employ these strategies in the classroom will provide their students with opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum. However, teachers will require on-going support to adopt these strategies for their daily lessons–an extremely valuable outcome!