Clubs teach Tanzanian students about career paths

During the summer break, about 95 students from Nyegina Primary and Secondary School and Mkirira Secondary School are participating in the 4H Career Pathways Clubs to prepare for graduation.

Program Coordinator Gabriel Magita has been working hands-on with the students to ensure upon graduation students know how to apply their skills to a career successfully.

“4H Career Pathways Clubs are intended to create self-awareness for students and enable them to choose the best career for their life,” Magita said. “The benefit of the club is to see changes to our people by teaching them to solve problems for themselves.”

In the clubs, the students participate in income-generating activities such as gardening or soap-making to earn money and learn a trade job.

“The clubs aim to ensure that students are able to stand on their own upon graduation,” Magita said.

This initiative helps to establish a career path for Tanzanians and reinforce the importance of getting an education. The term “4H” stands for Health, Head, Heart and Hand which Magita explains represents better health, clear thinking, good decision making and working and supporting themselves and their families financially.

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