Last Work Day

Our last work day on the dorm project was Thursday, 25 June, as we have debriefing meeting and lunch with the bishop on Friday.

The walls are rising from all of the concrete we poured on the floor. The outlines of the dividing walls for the rooms inside the dorm are visible in the pic below, taken at the beginning of the morning.


Most of our time was spent moving yet another pile of bricks onto the dorm floor so the masons can easily access them and keep building the walls. There are three more loads of bricks yet to be delivered, for a total of about 20,000 bricks! It is a good thing there are plenty of Form 4 (senior) boys and girls available to help move them. This pic shows the Form 4 boys have arrived to help move the pile onto the dorm floor. (Girls have also taken turns; they alternate days on the build with studying for the national comprehensive exams.)


The last work of the group was helping to pour the concrete foundation for the shower/toilet area at the rear of the dorm. Mama Anna (Jeanine) took one last look at the progress on the dormitory for 160 girls and was quite pleased with all that we have accomplished, both in raising the money to buy the materials, and to help actually create the foundation for taking Nyegina Secondary School to the next level of academic excellence.

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