TDS partner preps new water filter facility







Safe Water Mugango – a TDS and UMABU partner that creates innovative water filters from ceramic pots – is finishing construction of a new facility where women will operate the business.

TDS has been able to raise funds for the startup costs and training to support the organization. Safe Water Mugango will improve educational opportunities for Tanzanians, especially girls, because women won’t have to spend one to two hours of their day fetching water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and irrigation, which prevents them from attending school.

UMABU, a Tanzanian community-led organization in the Bukwaya region, has supported water-focused projects in the past to improve its communities because Tanzanians often lack access to plumbing and clean water. Many Tanzanians, usually girls, walk sometimes up to 10 miles to the nearest water source to fill up buckets and carry the heavy water back home. The water will often come from a dirty water source like a pond.

President of Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa Kim Mesiaki has been training the women to operate the facility by teaching women how to test the filters the water runs through and learning how to make the ceramic pot filters out of local ingredients.

The concrete floor was recently laid down, and now Kim Mesiaki and his team are installing windows and finishing metal work.

The organization’s objectives include:

  1. Prevent water-borne diseases in children.
  2. Improve the health of families.
  3. Sustain a business run solely by Mugango women.
  4. Create jobs so families can spend money on expenses such as education.

To read more about how the ceramic water filters work, go to¬†Safe Water Mugango’s website.

Donate money to TDS to continue to support Safe Water Mugango.

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