A to Z with NGOs in Tanzania: Arusha to Zanzibar

Our final stop in our month long safari to learn about the role of NGOs in developing countries is exotic Zanzibar. An early morning (7am!) ferry to Stonetown on Monday (25th June) ended with a docking in pouring rain, walking the 2 blocks to the Zenji Hotel in the rain…then taking naps until lunch time! Then a walking tour with excellent history by our favorite guide, Daud; he gives in-depth and inciteful background on culture and politics as well as history as we walk the winding alleys of Stonetown. Finishing the day wandering and sampling fresh seafood and Zanzibar pancakes in the night market was a fun adventure.

At Chako, a social enterprise workshop in Zanzibar, women cut glass with an etch and candles. Very cool to watch.

Tuesday (26th June) has been the last class day for the course, We visited Chako (Swahili for “yours”) is a recycling social enterprise that reuses all kinds of glass bottles and employs women and youth to turn them into glasses, lamp shades, candle holders and more.

NIU students Jasmine and Jacob, and Chako executive director Christine, discuss Jasmine’s suggestion to use some fresh lemon juice to help remove labels from the recycled bottles.

They are the first business in Zanzibar to be registered as a World Fair Trade organization (in 2017). 



A short walk away is eQuipHub, a Canadian funded NGO that teaches youth (20-25) social entrepreneurship skills. There are so many possibilities for collaborations, and we shared our experiences working on the Career Pathways/4H project in Musoma.

NIU 2018 Tanzania study abroad students finish their last NGO seminar with Christine at eQuipHub, a Canadian funded NGO teaching social entrepreneurship skills to Zanzibar’s youth.



Final event for the day is an iftar dinner at the home of one of Mani’s aunts, which she hosted during Ramadan for the 2016 NIU students. Then the last pub administration seminar for 2018 at the rooftop bar of the Chavda House in Stonetown….big questions to ponder as students finish a month in East Africa. Projects, NGOs, social enterprises, the Serengeti…heads are full to the brim.

Good thing that are long hours of plane rides home for processing…and sleep….

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