Another long day pouring floor

We had another long day pouring floors for the PC lab. It wasn’t nearly as fun the second day. We had less help today; the Etaro congregation was to join us but could not because there was a funeral in Etaro, which they all had to attend. Attached is a video of the concrete bucket brigade.

Still, the floors of the PC lab are now poured and curing. We hope to plaster the walls inside and out on Saturday.

We have Thursday and Friday off. Everyone is exhausted from such heavy work. In addition, some students still need interviews for their independent study projects, and Fr. Leo took take Helen and Cheryl (our nursing staff volunteers) and Jeanine and Hanna to see the regional hospital. Thursday afternoon we went to the Nyerere Museum.

Friday morning we will visit Community Alive, the center working with AIDS orphans and women. They also make cards and textiles for sale to earn revenues for the orphan girls, a center called Tupandane.

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