Baba wa Taifa: Visiting the Julius Nyerere Museum and Home in Butiama

A regular Sunday afternoon excursion for the NIU study abroad is a short bus ride to Butiama, birthplace and home of Mw. Julius Nyerere, first president of Tanzania and known as “teacher” and “father of the nation” to Tanzanians. TDS and NIU are fortunate that one of former president’s sons, Madaraka, is a friend of the programs and always provides us with a personal tour of the family compound after we tour the Nyerere Museum next door.

NIU 2018 Study Abroad Students at the Nyerere Museum in Butiama, Tanzania

This year’s family compound tour included two new highlights. Pooja Ballantine was treated to a lesson by Madaraka and his aide on how to play the ancient game of bao.

Pooja Ballantine gets a lesson in how to play the game of bao from Madaraka Nyerere and his aide.

We also had a chance to wend our way through the fantastic rock formations to some rock art estimated to be about 20,000 years old, found on rocks outside and inside the former president’s house.

This rock art on boulders next to the Nyerere House are estimated at 20,000 years old. There are also some drawings on boulders inside the house.

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