Climbers Cover Nearly 8 Miles Today!

“Everyone is generally fine” is the latest word from Kurt. Some headaches but that’s normal. “A long hard day.” They got as high as 15,000 feet then descended down to the Barranco Camp which is at 13,000 feet. They climbed for 9 hours today and covered a total of 7.8 miles in rain and sleet!

Tomorrow will be a short day – about 3 hours of hiking along the Barranco wall and celebrating Kurt’s birthday! It’s about 1000 feet of climbing using their hands and heading to the Karanga Camp. Happy Birthday Kurt!

Everyone is in a good mood, heart rates are normal and they have good oxygen supply to the blood.

Current time in Tanzania is 8:50pm.

5 Responses to Climbers Cover Nearly 8 Miles Today!

  1. Thank you for the update. I’m really glad everyone’s doing well please tell Leslie and Natalie hi

  2. Really enjoying reading your updates! If possible, can you post some photos of your accommocations and surroundings? I remember the gorgeous flowers at the Springlands Hotel in Moshi in June of 2012.

    How’s the food at the hotel?

    Big hug for Father Leo!
    Georgette Rocheleau