Day 4 of Climbing

Everyone is still doing well.

Today after breakfast our climbers successfully climbed the Barranco Wall. They went up 1000 feet using their hands to crawl through and over rocks. Surprise! There were 2 more steep hikes up other walls in the same 5 hours. Madonna noted “These details were not in the publicity!”

The camp overnight is at Karanga Camp where it rained during lunch and is cold and misty. The agenda in the evening will include introductions between the climbers and the porters and Happy Birthday wishes for Kurt.

Tomorrow morning our climbers will head to the ascend base camp. With utmost determination Nyegina Secondary student Christina says, “I will make it to the top.”

From those of us who are on the ground, our thoughts and prayers and good wishes are with our climbers.

4 Responses to Day 4 of Climbing

  1. You go, all of you. I send prayer and high energy for your adventure and your kind work on behalf of students and members of the community, who will be richly blessed by the computer access.

  2. To Madonna Kathy and Caroline. Almost there. Sending you positivve Budda vibes. Namaste. Mari and Chris