Final Days of 2016 NIU Study Abroad/TDS Work Study (June 30-July 1)

Thursday was a fun day for the group, tho not without some educational gains. Our morning was spent touring a Zanzibar spice farm, sniffing pieces of bark, berries, crushed leaves, and such to guess what kind of spice it would become. spiceFarmZanz1Jake Swick, Bernadette Chatman, and Alyssa Rodriguez are guessing the bark will become ________ (hint: used in lots of US baking, some sprinkle on their coffee, good to sprinkle on cereal to lower blood pressure)…Yes! Cinnamon!

The spice tour ended with lunch of spiced rice (pilau), fish, and fruits.

Then off to the Kwenda Beach for an afternoon of swimming in the Indian Ocean. LOTS of fun and sun (no sun burns). It was Leah Nicolini’s birthday, so she chose an excellent Ethiopian restaurant in Stonetown for our farewell meal.

ZanzKazeriFinalWords16aFriday morning’s seminar after breakfast addressed the enduring questions of the study abroad to Tanzania: how do you manage the tension between respecting cultural differences and embracing modernity, esp regarding cultural practices that subjugate girls and women (such as FGM)?
What do you think about the status of women and girls in Tanzania and how does it affect the country’s development? What ought to be the role of NGOs (domestic and international) in the development of Tanzania, accounting for┬áthe answers in the first 2 questions?

As is often the case, Fr.Leo Kazeri had the last word at this seminar, thanking the students for their participation in tutoring the teachers on how to access the internet for their teaching, challenging them to continue educating their friends and families about what they had seen and experienced, so people know what is developing in Tanzania. Next stop is the airport for flights home this afternoon to Chicago via Doha!! They are looking forward to the destination, tho not really the 24 hours they are traveling to get home…It’s part of the Tanzania Study Abroad/TDS Work Study experience.


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