From Arusha to Musoma

TDS Olduvai Gorge 2013
2013 Study Abroad Group at Olduvai Gorge

We had a VERY long drive from Arusha to Musoma today. We left after breakfast (about 8am) from Arusha. We stopped at Old Dupai Gorge for lunch and lecture on Mary Leakey’s discovery of Australopithicus fossil. This picture is taken of the group at the site (with host Fr. Kazeri). We saw lions, Cape Buffalo, elephants, giraffe, lots of zebra, a few wildebeest, a jackal, meercats, and other animals on our fast and VERY bumpy drive across the Serengeti on our way to Musoma. We stopped for drinks and bites hosted by Fr. Garusha at Issenye Parish outside the park (delicious ugali, lamb, fried plantains, and Balimi beer!). Finally got to Epheta, our home for 3 weeks, about 10pm. Everyone is now taking showers and hitting the pillow. We start language lessons at 9am tomorrow!

Update: Brandi’s baggage with clothes is now at Precision Air office in Arusha and we will try to get it on a bus to Musoma on Monday. Prayers and good karma are welcome! Otherwise, we are doing well and students are having a great time already. Stay tuned….


Kurt Thurmaier

3 Responses to From Arusha to Musoma

  1. So glad everyone made it okay and safe. my prayer will continue to go out to everyone for and effective, fun and learning experience. Nelisha’s mom. Renice J Gray

  2. You and your students are in my thoughts.. SOOO looking forward to joining everyone, engaging in getting the library going, meeting and making new friends, and acquiring new knowledge. Positive thoughts of safe travels and good karma for all. Love, CF, aka Ryz