Home safely

It is offical, we are home and the post trip blues have set in. A couple of us had airline issues which caused our luggage to take a different route than we did. The amazing thing is that after being together for a month, Dr. Thurmaier recognized my bags and he and Jeannine grabbed them in New Jersey while we were in Toronto. It made me think about how we worked well together, forming a bond that often happens when a group is established to work towards a common goal. It is a good feeling to have the opportunity to be productive for a community who appreciated our efforts so very much. I miss the friends we made there as well as the members of our group. We did more than a fair share of laughing, eating, experimenting, and trying to learn a new language and culture together. It was an incredible opportunity and I am looking forward to sharing the highlights of the experience with others in my home, school, and work community.

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