Jason and Edith arrive in Musoma

Hamjambo from Musoma! After a long and bumpy bus ride overnight from Nairobi, I was greeted by Gabriel’s friendly face at my drop-off point. Having been my first solo long-distance bus trip in Africa, his greeting of “karibu sana” brought relief that I had finally arrived. Despite the arduous journey to get here, the several reunions with friends in Nairobi and Musoma over the past few days have been worth it.

Views from Afrilux Hotel in Musoma Town

After checking in, the rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent sitting on the charming hotel patio sipping tea and getting organized while waiting for the others to arrive. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday!

After Edith arrived from Mwanza, we ordered some bites and were joined by Father Kazeri shortly after. Eventually, the rain chased Edith and I inside where we chatted until our prep meeting with Frank, Gabriel, and Esther. Esther has been a librarian for 15 years and recently completed a program through the African Library and Information Association and Institutions (AfLIA) to help train other librarians in Tanzania.

Grilled tilapia from a few feet away, naan, greens, and tomato stew.

Esther traveled from Dar es Salaam to join us this week and provide several training sessions with LCRC staff, Nyegina Secondary teachers, and staff from the Musoma regional library. Sessions will include community engagement for libraries in Tanzania, library management, and cataloging with KOHA. We all look forward to learning from Esther this week!

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