Kiswahili Classes Ended, but not the studies


We finished our Kiswahili studies on Friday. Saturday we visited the islands of Irigia and Rukuba. The poverty there is striking. We had some intense discussions last night to reflect about what we saw.

Sunday (today) we had a day off, so we walked into Musoma Town, 1 hour each way. Shopped in the market, and had lunch in the garden of Matvilla Hotel. Walked back with a stop at the Polisi Club by the lake. Relaxing day and much needed after an intense week.

I wanted to send pictures, but it is not very feasible at the moment. This is (clockwise) Zack, Dan, Liz, Frank, and Mary (bottom center) quizzing each other Thursday night for Friday’s last session of Kiswahili class. It was a great experience for all of us.

Everything is going well here except that every day we have rolling blackouts of electricity and that is causing us major headaches with connection to internet, etc. When we have electricity, the area with the server does not, so we have no internet. When server has no electricity, we have no internet even when we have electricity. There is no end in sight for this. So we are using an alternate means of connecting, but it is very expensive.

Thanks for watching the blog. Will try to post something with pictures soon.


Dr. T.

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