Last Day, TZ18: Zanzibar Spice Farm and Beach

How hot WAS that pepper hanging on the plant? Jasmine found out in a hurry!

The last day of our 2018 Tanzania Study Abroad still had an educational component. The morning activity was touring a spice farm, a heritage from the days of the Sultan of Oman who ruled Zanzibar for many years because he created vast plantations of spices on the Zanzibar islands. The tour is in a cooperative farm that provides samples of the different spices that were brought to Zanzibar for cultivation, including cloves, cinnamon cardamon, pepper, vanilla, cacao and more. The guide offers samples of each plant and challenges guests to guess which spice it is. Jasmine Carey found out how hot that little green pepper (pilipili) really was…in a really big hurry…OOOweeeEE!

We finished the day at Mwembe Beach swimming in the Indian Ocean, then farewell dinner at the Africa House at seaside in Stonetown. Thursday the students fly back to the US, exhausted, elated, and eager to share their experiences. Family and friends…get ready!

Kayla King (course grad assistant) and Maalkik Phipps (TDS intern) toast the end of the 2018 course with fresh coconut milk.

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