Last day in Tanzania

Yesterday we had a shopping day at the market and the AIDS/HIV NGO.

Evening was a big birthday bash for Anna and Nadia, with a huge cake and Nyegina School Choir original songs of celebration of their birthdays.

Nyegina Birthday Party (14June2012) Nadia, Bishop Michael, and Anna cut the birthday cake

Bishop Michael attended as well, and gave warm thanks for all of our work and our special relationship of not just giving money, but giving of ourselves by coming to Nyegina to actually work on the projects that we are funding.

This morning we are headed to the airport at Mwanza (a 3 hour car ride) with hops to Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam, Amsterdam, JFK and TX airports.

Hot showers are a high priority for many, as well as no more runny noses and coughs!

Pictures can be posted later, to go with the blog posts.

—Kurt Thurmaier

Update: It seems as though everyone is home safe and sound and with no missing luggage. Kurt is in Nairobi all week with Obuya Bakaka, a past trip member, and Nadia.

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