Making Connections, Making Plans

Taran Black updates Edith Njuguna on Career Pathways developments.

Monday (11 June) was a day of making connections with other NGOs working in Musoma. Taran Black gave TDS board member (and NIU Ed Systems staff member) Edith Njuguna a breakfast briefing on what the NIU students working on the Career Pathways/4H project had been developing with UMABU staff member Gabriel Magita before she arrived in Musoma.

Our first stop of the day was with Global Resources Alliance, currently being led by Madaraka Nyerere until a permanent executive director can be hired.

Elijah Bebora follows Ann Buchanan out of the GRA compound after our morning meeting with acting EDir Madaraka Nyerere.



Following an afternoon seminar with the Graca Marchel Trust team in Musoma, chaired by Fr. Sebura, we headed back to the Afrilux Hotel for resting and processing.

Except Edith Njuguna was meeting with Gabriel Magita to discuss his ideas about where the Career Pathways/4H project was having successes and challenges, and his ideas about the way forward.

Gabriel Magita briefs TDS board member Edith Njuguna on Career Pathways/4H issues.









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