Musoma Departing

It is 5:30 in the morning in Musoma, just before dawn. The Epheta center is bustling with all of us getting our last showers, last packing as we prepare for departing about 6:45.

We had a wonderful Friday, with a debriefing and listening session with Bishop Michael, followed by a lunch together (and a cake). We discussed everything from tourism and education to the role of the church and secular institutions in development, especially in the absence of significant government activity. Before and after the bishop’s events, we had last minute shopping and packing. Kazeri, Bagaka, Mama Anna and I visited the Swahili language training center to determine how to incorporate that into the course next year. It seems quite feasible.

In the afternoon, several of us, including the Gosnays, Tim, Shawn, and Jeanine and I, visited the Musoma Public Library, which turns out to be the only public library in the entire Mara Region, that is, from Lake Victoria to the Serengeti, from the border with Kenya to the Grumeti River half way between Musoma and Mwanza. It is not a big library, with lots of outdated material. We hope we can improve the quality of the holdings in the near future.

Our farewell dinner last night was a chance for the group and our hosts to come together for a celebration of what we have accomplished in our weeks together. Many of us spoke about our feelings of joy and how our personal and group families have grown in astounding and unexpected ways. Back at Epheta, we polished off a few bottles of South African wine to make sure they were not lost.

We head to Nairobi today, and will spend a few hours in touring on Sunday. Probably won’t have time to blog on Sunday, so this is likely our last blog before we return home.

We are very grateful for all of our friends and family who have supported our efforts to get here, and our donors to TDS who have made building the dormitory for girls possible.

God bless you all.



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