Project Day for NIU Students

Tuesday, June 9, the NIU students scattered to work on different service projects. Three students are working with Jipe Moyo to help them evaluate their programming for street children who now have shelters, 4 students are working with the Musoma Chamber of Commerce to improve its efficacy and promote economic development, 3 are working with a group of women in Mugango to help them develop a business and marketing plan for the new water filter manufacturing shop that NIU Emeritus Professor Manny Hernandez is helping build, another student is interviewing women and men about how UMABU can more effectively involve and promote women in community leadership, and another is documenting the projects and to develop marketing materials for UMABU, Nyegina Secondary, and TDS. The TDS board members and volunteers joined the Mugango group to observe the project developments.  The day was very rewarding and satisfying for all.

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