Projects, projects, projects…

Wednesday was a project day for everyone. We have multiple projects underway that involve the NIU students as teachers and advisors.

Two students are teaching primary and secondary teachers how to use XLS for grade books, WORD for writing exams, and internet for finding supplementary materials for classrooms.

Four students are working with an UMABU staff member to enhance the Career Pathways program that uses 4H materials for hands-on learning with primary and secondary school clubs.

Three students were working with the Safe Water Mugango project to help the women owners update their business and marketing plan.

One student is working with the librarian at the M.Nyerere Library and Community Resource Center.

Another student is working with science teachers from various schools to develop a STEM enhancement to secondary school curricula.

Another student is documenting project engagements and assisting with logistics.

The chatter around the dinner table suggests that everyone was excited to be engaged in their projects and eager to help their local partners.

More to come…

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