Safe & Happy Arrival in Musoma!

I am pleased to report that we arrived this evening at the Epheta Retreat Centre, safe, sound, and pretty tired. It was a long 13 hour day, but a happy one.

We left Arusha at 7:30 this morning (an hour late).We made stops at Old Duvai Gorge (discovery site by Mary Leakey and others of some of our earliest ancestor fossils), the different gates to get through Ngorogoro Crater and the Serengeti Park, and Fr. Kennedy Garusha’s home for a last drink and WC break before the final push to Musoma. Along the way, we had an elephant on the road with us in Ngorogoro, calmly cleaning away overhanging branches on the road, plus in the Serengeti we saw most everything except the big cats and a rhino (which almost nobody is lucky enough to see).

Br. Aquiline welcomed us warmly to Epheta with a dinner ready, and everyone (but me) is taking showers to wash out the dust. Tomorrow we start our first Kiswahili language lesson at 8:30 (12:30PM DeKalb time). We are all excited about the prospect.

More tomorrow, hopefully with pictures! Epheta has a brand new high speed (100mb) internet service! Yes!

Dr. T

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