Study Abroad Update 1

The NIU Study Abroad to Tanzania is now safely in Arusha. We had many delays and several miracles, but everyone is here, just missing 4 bags. (We ran out of miracles when they let Whitney into the country without a yellow fever vaccine, because we came through Naiobi (Kenya).

So today we are visiting the CBHCC water works, the Water Filter Factory, and Mwangaza Teaching Center. Then some shopping and changing money, and early to bed (after our first pub administration seminar).

-Kurt Thurmaier

3 Responses to Study Abroad Update 1

  1. Best wishes for a successful and safe trip! Thank you a you allto for r changing lives!

  2. GREAT!!! Glad to hear it. I’ was “watching” your flights on the Web and lost contact last night re your flight out of Naiobi. 4 bags for ~9 people in 8000+ miles, not bad! Thanks for keeping us posted.