Successful Safari to Serengeti

We just returned yesterday from a very successful Serengeti safari. The highlight was a dawn drive on Tuesday (12July) where we found a pride of 20 lions after a successful gnu (wildebeast) kill. There were about 10 mothers and 10 cubs feasting (not at the same time!). We also saw this beautiful cheetah (picture) with her eyes on breakfast for her and her 2 cubs.

Mother cheetah eyes a breakfast of gazelle for her and her 2 cubs.

We have three days left before departure. The remaining seminars are with environmental NGOs today, then faith-based NGOs on Thursday, finishing with a mining town and miner care houses on Friday. Dorm work continues, as do our many other projects here.

Electricity is still a big problem, and email/internet access is a big problem with all the rolling blackouts. Sorry for the intermittent communcations.

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