They’re back!

We just returned from picking up the climbers. All arrived at the gate in relatively good shape and most were able to help the local economy by purchasing T-Shirts and art works from the vendors who congregate at the gate. They’re anxious to shower and celebrate. They had amazing success in reaching the summit by using the “Pole Pole” method: Slow, slow.

All are excited to read the Blog comments and eager to add their own personal update to the Blog.

It’s great to have them back!

—Georgette Rocheleau

UPDATES: Here are some pics from Uhuru Peak, the Roof of Africa! We didn’t all make it, and we made it to the peak in twos and threes.

Bruce Rocheleau and Jack VanderZee at Uhuru Peak (09June2012)
Uhuru Peak (about 9:40): Jeanine, Madaraka, Kurt
Uhuru Peak (about 9:30): Anna, Mama Anna, and Baba Anna


We have one group pose with a lot of us, and we are missing a picture of Henry at the top (who made it in only 6.5 hours, WAY ahead of the rest of us!). Most of us made it to Uhuru Peak between 9 and 10am.

Uhuru Peak on June 9, 2012, about 9:45 AM (left to right): [Back row
Then we had a 2 hour hike back down to base camp, a 2 hour rest, a bite to eat, then 4-5 hours of hiking down a dry stream bed “trail” to another camp where there was water. We got into that camp after dark, and exhausted after what amounted to a 20 hour day with a nap!

16 Responses to They’re back!

  1. Friends Barbara, Kurt, Jeanine, and Pam! Wow! Well done! You all amaze me with your tenacity. You have challenged and changed yourselves!! The view from 19,000-feet having brought yourself to that height, by sheer willpower and your own strength, must be indescribable? I have tried to imagine the pain, and the feeling of accomplishment! Astounding. You ALL have my deep admiration!

  2. Congratulations!!
    Your success has been well earned and we admire your tenacity and the results!

  3. Pam –

    Will let mom know you made it safe and sound. Having been keeping watch and am glad you and the others were able to achieve the summit. How exciting. Kudos to you all.

  4. Pam and all,
    We are so excited for you…you are strong and amazing. Congratulations and I hope you are celebrating with good food, drink, and friends. We love you. Can’t wait to hear stories.
    Love and kisses

  5. Wonderful! Congratulations! Great job! Hurray to all! So proud of my nieces Munna and Nadia and all their climbing mates. Take off the back packs and get some back pats….

  6. terrific news! was great to get occasional updates for sure and so proud of all of you but especially my long time childhood friend Pam Brouillard!! you go girl!!!!!

  7. Congratulations to all of you!! I am so proud of the work you’ve accomplished, the funds you’ve raised and the climb you made! ALL of my biggest and best hugs to you, and to my super-special sister… HAPPY BIRTHDAY (almost) ANNA!!!

  8. Goal achieved, great job! Looking forward to hearing all the details. Hope you and Georgette have an enjoyable time with the rest of the journey. Excellent commentary on the Blog.

  9. Yeah! Good job Dad. Kaden says “Congratulations on making it to the top, Grandpa. Did you have a good view? What did you see?”