Unexpected Benefits of NGO Visits (by Kayla King, MPA Student)

As we have travelled around to the different NGOs throughout the Musoma region, many of us wondered the information’s worth, and why we weren’t spending more time with the Ngyena school children, developing our personal programs, and working hands-on. But as we’ve met the NGOs, I have seen students create parnterships with parallel NGOs, brainstorm new ideas to create sustainable programs, and understand the innerworkings of nonprofit organizations in Tanzania.

While visiting Global Resources Alliance, Taran Black, a 4H Career Pathway member, asked owner Madaraka whether he would consider a partnership. The partnership would offer surrounding 4H clubs the space and materials to create a tree nursery. Then the students would sell the trees to turn a profit for GRA. The students would gain important reforestation, entrepreneurial, and volunteerism skills, while Global Resources Alliance earns a profit and spreads awareness of their programs. Another student, Zach Kalk, a social entrepreneurship student working with Safe Water Mugango, built a relationship with PCI Global to partner and sell the water filters made by the seven women running the program. Zalk hopes to work with PCI to provide schools with a clean water supply while teaching the women of Safe Water business sustainability.

These stories are just a few of the ways the visits to Tanzania’s NGOs have provided brainstorming, networking, and relationship building to the NIU students. With this knowledge, we apply our theories into practice to work towards providing sustainable education to children throughout the region.

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