An unexpected phone call from Kilimanjaro

Though we were told that phone contact would be unlikely in the first two days of climbing, we were delighted to get a call from Kurt this afternoon. He reported everyone to be in good spirits and good shape on the trail, in spite of a late arrival at camp last night. The last hour before camp was spent hiking in the dark, no small feat according to hikers who have just come down from the mountain. Kurt said they arrived in camp at 8:00pm, settled in, ate dinner and hit the sleeping bags at 10:30pm.

Day 1: We're Off to Climb Kilimanjaro!



Their second day on the trail began at 6:30am; they left the campsite to begin the day’s climb at 8:00am. Let’s hope they reach the next camp before nightfall!

Day 2: lunch break at tree line

—Georgette Rocheleau

Have a question for the climbers? Post them in the comments and we’ll ask the next time we are in touch with them.

9 Responses to An unexpected phone call from Kilimanjaro

  1. Terry and Michael, we will definitely give her the message, and I’m sure her fellow climbers will give her a big hug for you.

  2. Please tell Pam Brouillard that we have been thinking of her every day, and we are pulling for her. Give her big hugs from us.

  3. Hi Georgette….
    I read some of the blog entries to mom and she says that she’s glad everyone arrived in good shape and that she wishes you well.
    We love you…. Good Luck to Bruce!

  4. I am first of all so grateful that you made it safely. And it sounds like your wonderful adventure is off to a great start. Jeanine and Kurt and my dear Anna I am keeping you in my prayers and look forward to stories and pictures of wonder and delight.

  5. Will you ask Pam if her “little friend” is having a good time? (Freud action figure haha) Thanks! Very nice to read this blog and see the updates!

  6. Will you please tell Barbara Eckblad that all that Spinning is going to pay off on the Kilimanjaro quest! Wish I was there!