Wednesday Work

We were a divided group on Wednesday. About half of us were in meetings in Musoma, while the other half worked at the dorm building site, moving more bricks to the floor so the masons can lay the walls.

Tristan and Megan were pursuing interviews of microfinance loan recipients from FINCA, as well as the state bank. Lucy Carter and Astrid interviewed with Mama Regina regarding her Women in Development Program (including the organic veggie garden). Tracey and Shawn (and Astrid) toured the disability center to see the work of that NGO in action. (They had presented at the NGO Forum for the students 2 weeks ago.)

I spent the morning discussing the development plans for the Musoma Diocese with Bishop Michael, Fr. Kazeri, and the secretary of the Development Committee, Fr. Paskos.

We conducted the final academic seminar of the study abroad tour, a final discussion of the Giles Bolton book, Africa Doesn’t Matter. We were pleased that Fr. Kazeri could join us. Altho it was mandatory for the graduate students in the tour, it was also attended by a wide range of the group, including undergrad students and most of the volunteers. That brought a wide range of perspectives to the conversation and we had lingering conversations at dinner.

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