We’re in Musoma!

We finally made it to Musoma! The group got a tour of the Nyegina Secondary School this afternoon, and its first look at the new dormitory building site–it is huge! This dorm will serve 160 girls, plus have space for matrons and the shower/toilet attached building. We will be working on one section of the building in the two weeks in June, and probably add windows and doors to the computer lab, also under construction. (It already has a roof.)

We hope to send pictures soon. The internet connection here at the Epheta center is Musoma is much more reliable than in Dar (so far).

Tomorrow we meet microfinance lenders and then students have free afternoon to pursue their independent study projects. Megan Hencke has already been meeting with people to get the UMABU website project going!

The excitement builds…


On to Musoma!
On to Musoma!

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