Zanzibar Tour, Women’s Progress Discussion

A beautiful day in Zanzibar! We had a very fine tour of Stone Town from our guide, Mohammed Kombo. It was the best tour I’ve had (of 4). Especially fun was watching the auction at the fish market. The afternoon seminar was with the leaders of COWPZ (Catalyst Organization for Women Progress in Zanzibar. They are energetically promoting women’s rights in Zanzibar and Tanzania. The conversation became even more lively when Fr. Kazeri asked the US women what they were doing for women’s progress in the USA. Among other comments, some noted that we had candidates for US Senate absurdly claiming that women’s bodies shut down and prevent pregnancy after rape, and we have legislatures ruled by men making reproductive health decisions for all women in their states. The students voiced concern that women in USA were too complacent and took their rights for granted, and that was a mistake. The exchange of ideas was rich and engagement was great. Hard to ask for any more from a seminar.

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